DK Oboe

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DK Oboe

New to Oboe Shop - the DK Oboe. This oboe is an excellent student or Intermediate Oboe with some of the features only found on a Graduate instrument. The oboe is made by DC Brothers in Beijing, with the founder being an eminent Chinese player and professor of Oboe who wished to manufacture his own Oboes. The company now manufacture all levels of Oboe to a very high standard. At the moment I am supplying the student DK as I feel a fantastic Oboe at this level and price

Possesses both trills, left hand F, 3rd Octave key with an articulated C#. The DK although made with a plastic body,  produces a rich full tone throughout the scale and excellent intonation. I first tried the DK at the IDRS in Grenada in 2018 and was impressed with the initial instrument on display.I recently tried the latest models and was very impressed, hence  I felt will be an excellent Oboe to have in my shop.The oboe will suit either a beginner or someone who required an upgrade on a limited budget.  

Available in conservatoire or with added Thumbplate.