ABRSM Grade 1

Name of Pieces List A Found in this publication   List B     List C  
1. English Jig, Anon   Bravo! Oboe   1. A Pirate's Life for Me,   Winner Scores All   1. The Ending's Well JazzFX 
2. Love me or not, T. Campion Airs and Dances,    2. Carol of the Drum  Winner Scores All   2. Study in C  80 Graded Studies
3. The Keel Row , Trad Airs and Dances   3. Under the Bed or Ice Skating Playaround Oboe   3. Study in C or Study in A minor  80 Graded Studies
4. Sonata , Charke Sounds Classical for Oboe   4. Jackboots or Pendulum  Oboe Music to Enjoy   4. Study in F or Study in G Elementary Method
5. Les Grands Douleurs , Susato Sounds Classical for Oboe   5. Polka and Russian Dance  Bravo   5. Sirens or Straight to the Point The Good Tempered Oboe
6. Minuet (Hob. IX/8 No. 6) ,Haydn Time Pieces for Oboe, Vol 1   6. Sundown In the Groove   6. The Lame Sheep or Gossip 35 Melodic Studies
7. A Point, Tallis Time Pieces for Oboe, Vol   7. John Anderson, Op. 67 No. 5  Time Pieces Vol 1   7. Nearly Bobby Shaftoe or Ghost Town Starter Studies
8. Kelvin Grove, Trad Scottish  Twenty Two Traditional Tunes    8. Sad Song or Count Me In  Starter Solos   8. Castle on the Hill  Abracadabra
9. Spring (from The Four Seasons) , Vivaldi Winner Scores All for Oboe (Piano Accompaniment)   9. Ah, leave me not to pine Sounds Classical   9. Study in Green or Study in Yellow Fresh Air
10. Spring (from The Four Seasons) Vivaldi Winner Scores All for Oboe   10. Hot Chilli or Crystal Spring Reall Easy Jazzin About   10. Off We Go or Articulate: No. 5 or No. 8  Thirty one Two Three