Lorée 125 Oboe

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Lorée 125 Oboe

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The 125 is probably seen as Lorée's prestige model. The wood used is at least 10 years naturally matured, which provides greater stability and depth of tone. The 125 also possesses a gold plated metal reed well which I have found further enhances the resonance and security of the bottom notes.

From the playing point of view I have found the 125 provides a rich, homogenous tone throughout the whole range of the insturment with the sound very easy to project especially in an orchestral setting. I feel you can push the dynamic range to the extreme and you sense the oboe will respond to all your demands. It will not become harsh when playing loud and when playing pianissimo you sense it still enables a subtle full tone colour.

In conclusion I feel the 125 enables the player to perform as musically as possible facilitating a greater  flexibility of tone colour and dynamics.