Terror and magnificence - john harle

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Terror and magnificence - john harle

I have included this Album by John Harle as I think one of the important recordings of its time. Originally released in 1992, it features some fantastic compositions beautifully performed and recorded.Elvis Costello's voice is wonderfully suited to the settings of Shakespeare songs and John's playing is stunning. Ian C.

Harle: Illyria
Harle: O Mistress Mine
Harle: Rosie-Blood (Sederunt)
Harle: Terror and Magnificence
Harle: The Three Ravens song cycle
Harle: When that I was a little tiny boy

Elvis Costello (vocals), John Harle (saxophones, keyboards), Andy Sheppard (saxophones), Sarah Leonard (soprano), William Purefoy (countertenor)
The John Harle Band, The Balanescu Quartet, London Voices


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